In this blog, Broomfield bankruptcy lawyer will debunk the myths about filing bankruptcy. U.S. News and World Report talked about five myths of filing bankruptcy. Though written a few years ago, the myths of filing bankruptcy still hold true today.

While some people assume bankruptcy is for people who can’t resists using their credit cards, most people file bankruptcy for honest reasons. Here’s a look at some of the myths surrounding bankruptcy.

Myth 1: People filing bankruptcy are financially irresponsible.

“There’s always going to be some kind of abuse, but it’s far more likely that people run into very serious personal problems in one of three areas: losing their job, going through a divorce, or suffering a serious illness,” says Walter W. Miller Jr., who teaches bankruptcy law at Boston University School of Law. However, good people like you file bankruptcy due to unemployment, divorce, and medical problems.

Myth 2: Filing bankruptcy with a Broomfield bankruptcy lawyer discharges all past debts.

People file bankruptcy to get a fresh start, but bankruptcy does not discharge all debts.  Student loans and recent tax debt are not discharged.

If you spend with abandon right before filing bankruptcy, you won’t have to pay that money back.

Using your credits cards within 90 days of filing bankruptcy is fraud; and as a result, not discharged. Worse yet, you could be criminally prosecuted and sent to prison

Filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Colorado permanently ruins your credit.

People filing bankruptcy are often surprised by how quickly they rebuild their credit. You can buy a car the day after you file.  You’ll get credit card offers after your discharge.  Most people rebuild their credit to a 700 score within one year of filing bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy is a cure-all.

Bankruptcy discharges most debts, but not all.  For example, you’ll still have to pay student loans and taxes within the last three years.  However, you’ll get rid of credit cards, collection accounts and other unsecured debts.

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