colorado bankruptcy lawyer

Colorado Bankrutcy Lawyer Rob Fuicelli will help you get out of debt.

Colorado bankruptcy lawyer Rob Fuicelli is here to help you get out of debt.  Rob has a passion for helping his clients who are struggling to pay their bills because Rob knows what it’s like.

Twenty years ago, Rob found himself struggling to pay his debts.  He tried debt settlement, but creditors would not negotiate.  Rob made small payments hoping to appease his creditors, but they only demanded more.  This all happened before Rob was a Colorado bankruptcy lawyer.

Running out of options, Rob decided to meet a Colorado bankruptcy lawyer to learn about bankruptcy.  Rob discovered there were several benefits to filing bankruptcy.  For example, Rob got to keep his car, all of his retirement, clothing, furniture, and other items important to him.  He filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and was officially out of debt after 90 days.  Better yet, Rob rebuilt his credit within one year.

Bankruptcy was not the end for Rob.  In fact, it was the beginning.  Bankruptcy eliminated the financial stress and allowed Rob to flourish.

Get Advice from Colorado Debt Help

Several web sites try to rank bankruptcy lawyers, such as Justia.  However, bankruptcy is a homogeneous service.  This means there is not much difference between bankruptcy attorneys.  It’s really difficult to determine what makes one bankruptcy lawyer better than another one.  That’s why it’s important to find a Colorado bankruptcy lawyer like Rob Fuicelli who can relate to what you’re going through.  Other attorneys will put you down and judge you, but not Rob.  He has empathy for your situation.  More importantly, Rob has solutions!

Rob offers free consultations to assess your situation.  Not every client has the same problem, and thus, will need different solutions.  Rob will help you determine whether debt settlement, credit counseling, debt management plans, bankruptcy, or another debt relief option is your best solution.  Contact Rob today at Colorado Debt Help to get a fresh start!