Getting out of debt is more than just a financial decision. It affects all areas of one’s life – financially and emotionally. This blog post is the third of six blog posts in a series about emotional hurdles to overcoming debt.

There are six emotional hurdles to overcoming debt:
  1. Trust
  2. Perception
  3. Courage
  4. Acceptance
  5. Belief
  6. Fear

This blog post focuses on the third hurdle of debt: courage. When people come to Colorado Debt Help and meet with us, they all have the same question: How do I get out of debt? We understand the frustration that occurs when someone is in debt and it seems like the bills just keep coming and there is not enough at the end of the month to pay them all. At Colorado Debt Help we applaud the people who have the courage to come in for a free consultation and find out what their options are in order to reduce their debts and achieve financial freedom.

You have the Courage to Get out of Debt

People wanting to get out of debt share a similar story.  No one intends to get into debt, but a life event happens that puts financial pressure on the person.  It can be a divorce, loss of a job, reduced income, or as we have seen recently, COVID.  When the life event happens, it’s common to use your credit cards.  And depending on how long the situation lasts, people can find their credit cards maxed to the limit and under a mountain of debt. People usually feel devastated and don’t think they have the courage and strength to deal with a bad financial situation on top of the life event that created the financial problem.

Have the courage to change your life by having the courage to get out of debt.

Eventually, you must muster up the courage to make an appointment for a free consultation with Colorado Debt Help. We will help you personally and review your situation. During the consultation, you’ll learn about the different types of ways to reduce your debt (e.g., debt settlement, bankruptcy, and debt management plans), and the pros and cons of each. You’ll also learn about the differences between a chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Get Help with Colorado Debt Help

The Broomfield bankruptcy lawyers at Colorado Debt Help will focus on providing you with information about your financial situation. We’re not going to tell you what you should do. We’re going to educate you, so you understand and decide your best debt relief option.

If you have piled-up debt and you don’t know what to do, then contact Colorado Debt Help.  Have the courage to change your life. That one call to Colorado Debt Help will change yours.