debt problems

Stimulus checks are great, but they don’t solve lingering debt problems.

Congress just approved another round of stimulus check to help with the COVID pandemic.  Eligible families will receive $600 per individual, including children.  However, if you have debt problems, the stimulus payment won’t solve it.

Many Americans are now struggling to pay their bills due to COVID.  Quarantines resulted in lost income for many people, which is causing huge debt problems for many families.  Fortunately, there is extended unemployment benefits at higher amounts, which have helped some people pay the basic things in life, such as food, utilities, etc.  There have been small business loans to help the hardest-hit small businesses.  Even theaters and other live venues are getting relief.  However, Congress has not talked about debt relief for people struggling to pay their debts.  Thus, you need to find another source to solve your debt problems.

Colorado Debt Help has Solutions for you Debt Problems.

Before spending your stimulus check, contact Colorado Debt Help.  We have several solutions to help you.  Some people can use their stimulus check to settle their debts.  Others can use the money to start a debt management plan.  Your stimulus check could be used to pay attorney fees for filing bankruptcy.  Within bankruptcy, there are several options.  You can file chapter 7 and eliminate your debt in 90 days.  Or, you can file chapter 13 and repay your debt over 3-5 years at a budget you can afford.  Most importantly, don’t waste your stimulus check on a partial solution.  Find a solution that will get you out of debt.

Colorado Debt Help offers a free consultation to get you out of debt.  There’s no obligation. Instead, it’s a chance to look at your financial situation and find a solution.