Financial freedom might seem elusive especially when you’re in debt.  However, anyone struggling to pay their bills can get out of debt.  Knowing the best option is sometimes tricky.

The pandemic has changed many lives.  Many people are now struggling to pay their credit cards, mortgages and car loans.  Worse yet, there is no more government stimulus to help struggling families.

Finding financial freedom starts with getting expert advice. There are many businesses that claim they can get you a fresh financial start. But can they really?  Many of these businesses are trying to sell their service whether it’s debt settlement, debt management plans, credit counseling, and bankruptcy.  However, they are only versed in one area.  And many of them will try to force you into their service, even when it is not a good fit.  For example, if you call someone who specializes in debt settlement, that is all they will offer.  However, if you missed some mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, debt settlement won’t help you keep your home. Likewise, if you have missed some car payments.  Debt settlement doesn’t stop your car from being repossessed. Bankruptcy is the only way to solve that problem.

Suppose you’re struggling to pay your taxes, you might be able to do an offer in compromise, file bankruptcy, put your account in an noncollectable status, etc.  Again, debt settlement companies won’t know who to do help you with tax debt.  Instead, you need to contact an IRS Examining Agent, tax lawyer, or a bankruptcy attorney. That’s right.  A bankruptcy attorney can help you eliminate tax debt.

At Colorado Debt Help, we know how to get financial freedom for our clients.  We look at all solutions and find the best one. Our first consultation is free.