filing bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a federal law, not a sign of failure.

Filing bankruptcy can seem like a poor decision or a sign of failure. However, struggling with debt is frustrating and looking for solutions is confusing.  Bankruptcy is a way to eliminate debt and rebuild one’s financial life.  Some people think filing bankruptcy is morally wrong despite the fact it is a federal law.

That’s right, bankruptcy is a federal law and has existed for over 200 years.  Americans have the legal right to get out of debt.  Filing bankruptcy allows people the ability to recover from an unforeseen financial calamity.

Here are the ten (10) reasons why filing bankruptcy is not a failure:

  1. You get a fresh start both financially and mentally.
  2. Creditors can no longer harass you with phone calls.
  3. Bankruptcy stops a garnishment of your wages.
  4. It stops a foreclosure and allows you to keep your home.
  5. You can keep your personal property (furniture, clothing, jewelry, car, etc.)
  6. Rebuild your credit within two years; i.e., a credit score higher than 700.
  7. Keep 100% of your retirement savings.
  8. Qualify for a mortgage within two years under a FHA programs.
  9. Buy a newer car with a low interest rate.
  10. Your financial problem is solved and your stress is eliminated.

Colorado Debt Help Assists You With Filing Bankruptcy

No one wants to file bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, overwhelming debt happens to good people.  If you are struggling with debt, then schedule a free consultation with Colorado Debt Help.We offer other services beyond filing bankruptcy; such as debt settlement, credit counseling, debt management plans, etc.  So, if bankruptcy is not the right solution for you, then we’ll recommend something else.  Learn the facts about filing bankruptcy so you can make an informed decision on how to rebuild your financial life.